what/who is tMOSS?

We are a small band of artists and visual designers working to increase awareness for the brands of our clients. Begun in 1991, our company has built an impressive history and established reputation for delivering persuasive, imaginative work in the area of sales and marketing communications.

Strongly sales-focused advertisements, brochures, corporate reports, identities, logos, marketing plans, slogans and themelines, stationery systems, and websites are typical of our work. Each member of our professional staff is a credentialed creative professional. We are thinkers and technicians, graphic artists and writers, researchers and consultants–highly creative people who understand marketing.

Recent clients include professional and service firms, retail, wholesale and manufacturing companies both large and small.

image of Toni Moss

Toni Moss, Principal

Following classical training as a printmaker (BFA, Kansas City Art Institute), Toni began her career as a product designer and principal of wholesale and retail enterprises serving the decorative accessories industry. Her designs won awards and appeared nationally in prestigious stores and catalogs. In 1991, she began the consulting firm tMOSS, to focus on sharing her experience in design and development of marketing communications.

image of Ted Conley

Ted Conley, Visual Designer

From the real world to the web - someone must give life to the mediums employed by society in this age of technology. Ted Conley is just such a conduit of creativity and innovation. Companies ranging from the very, very large to the incredibly small have benefited from Ted's decade-plus of training in visual arts of all kinds.

At his core, Ted is a passionate creative. Naturally thoughtful and methodical, Ted has been able to integrate technical savvy with visual talent from an early age. Ted honed and enhanced these skills while studying at The University of Oklahoma and The University of Science and Art of Oklahoma, where he has enjoyed top honors and broad recognition.

Ted's visual acumen is well-used across the web. His unique skill-set is particularly useful in taking finely-crafted projects from conception to their completion on the web. As such, Ted has been a professional website and graphic designer since 2005, and displays substantial talent in spotlighting client messages in the global marketplace.

image of Scott Wigton

Scott Wigton, Writer

With over two decades of award-winning professional writing expertise, Scott offers clients creativity, clarity and a competitive edge for all their written communications needs. His diverse experience includes print journalism, marketing and public relations. He also is an experienced grant writer, Web writer and nonprofit fundraiser, specializing in direct mail and electronic fundraising communications. A longtime Tulsa resident, he graduated with a bachelor's degree from Trinity University, San Antonio.

image of Nathon Harmon

Nathan Harmon, Photographer

Even in an age of video, still photography retains the undeniable power to delight perceptions, shape opinions and communicate messages. These are the things that Nathan Harmon's photography accomplishes on behalf of clients ranging from corporate and commercial to industrial and architectural. After first becoming enthralled by the art of photography at the age of 14, Nathan went on to earn his degree in the field. Extensive travel afforded him the opportunity to hone his skills and create a portfolio of travel photography that includes award winning pictures of the famous Carnivale Di Venetia in Venice, Italy. With a client list that has included Vanity Fair, British Elle, Stern and Thomasville Furniture, Nathan has a proven talent for translating key marketing messages through striking photographic images.

image of Marie Cameron

Marie hashimoto, Brand Developer

Marie brings to client projects a strong sense of style, comprehensive understanding of marketing issues and keen ability to plan and analyze. Marie came to the U.S. from Tokyo. She holds a BA in Advertising, OSU Stillwater.

image of Joel Wade

Joel Wade, Videographer

A native of Vancouver, Canada, Joel began exploring his innate creative talents early in life, especially when it came to music and writing. This eventually led to formal studies at The University of British Columbia where he majored in Broadcast Journalism. His nearly three decades of experience since includes extensive writing, filming and other production work for companies such as ESPN, TV Guide, Chrysler Corporation and Winner Communications. As a customer-centric creative with the ability to take a project from initial concept to recording, filming and editing, Joel has produced an extensive catalog of high quality, award winning audio/visual projects for clients. When he's not working on an audio/visual project, Joel is probably writing songs at his downtown Tulsa studio or helping to develop local musical talent.